About Grace Keogh

Graphic Designer and Creative Consultant at Papier Mouse Designs. Confessed craftaholic, with a passion for computers as well as handmade goods. Talk about an eclectic person - that's me!

Know What You Are Committing To

As a Web Designer I guess you would expect me to be rather vocal about the benefits of having a website and insisting that a website is a ‘must have’ for every business in existence.  Well, to the contrary I often surprise my clients by actually questioning their decision to jump into the deep end and commit hundreds of dollars on setting up a website – and I want to explain why. You see, to me having a website is a bit like owning a pet Read More + Read More +

The Importance of Customer Service

Following on from last week’s blog post in relation to the importance of identifying our customers needs, I want to share another gem of small-business wisdom that I picked up this week.  Some of you may remember the 1989  movie Field of Dreams  which espoused  an often misquoted line, which states “Build it, and he will come”.  Sadly , too many small business owners adopt that mentality in setting up their own business, and are surprised when they open their doors and find that their expected Read More +

Blogs Under The Microscope – Part 5

Welcome to the fifth article in the Blogging Under The Microscope series. I’ve had a lovely time meeting up with the people behind the blogs in this series. It has been interesting to see the broad range of  reasons that people have for blogging, and today’s guest is no different.   Today’s featured blogger  in Blog Under the Microscope is  Lana Hall,  a registered Psychologist whose practice is based in Brisbane, Australia.  Lana blogs on a regular basis on her website Lana Hall Psychology.  Lana’s passion is showing people how Read More +

Plan Your Visions

This morning I had the joy of being a very proud mum at my son’s school Academic Assembly.  As usual, the school invited a guest speaker to come along and inspire the student’s, and their parents, with some well chosen words of wisdom.  Today’s guest totally blew me away!   Besides being a past student of the school Cassie Leese is an Executive Level Manager for Tupperware – and all plastic jokes aside, I have to admit that she had me nodding in agreement and Read More +