Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… I was feeling in a creative mood this evening, so I decided to whip up a couple of Free printable Christmas gift tags to share with you. Just click on the picture above and download the PDF file which includes 11 tags for your to print, cut out and attach to your presents. I suggest using a lightweight cardstock to print these on, one that will go through your printer. Or you can use paper and back Read More +

Haystack Makes it Easy to Find

How many business cards have you accepted over the years only to squeeze them into your already bulky wallet, until there are so many in there you need to transfer them to your desk drawer … never to be seen again. We all tend to do it… it’s actually a hobby for some people, there is even an international organisation for the habit. I know I am guilty of  pouncing on them as if they are the elusive Golden Ticket that will see me score a year’s Read More +

Blog Post Elements That Matter

Previously we have discussed defining the destination  of our blog, thinking about why we have started this journey in the first place; then we discussed what we need to pack for our journey – be it up-to-date industry related content, personal accounts, videos or how-to tutorials.  Once we have sorted out or packing it is time to fuel up the car and hit the road! And the fuel needed to get this blog on the road is premium grade blog posts. Read More +

Packing Your Blog For The Journey

In my last post I discussed identifying the main objectives of your blog.  Thinking about defining where you want your blog to go before you start the journey is important when we Blog for Business for two main reasons. Firstly, as our audience has a certain expectation when they decide to take that ride with us we owe it to them to (pretty much) stick to the path we promised. The other reason is that it is only by knowing where we are going that we can Read More +

What Are Your Blogging Objectives

A couple of months ago I took part in an online course run by Handmade Tickle titled Blogging For Makers 101.  I had been a keen social blogger for a number of years, however I knew that  if I was to blog for my business I needed to look at blogging from a different angle.  The course helped me gain the clarity and purpose that I needed, but as often happens I realised that my busy life had made me overlook the basics I had learnt. The other day someone asked me Read More +