Building Self-Trust

I came across a rather short article during the week which really resonated with me – firstly as a Small Business Owner, but then on a much more personal level. The article, entitled Building Self-Trust – The Five Dangers of Not Trusting Yourself. , came to me in an email from the lovely people at The Daily Guru.  Their website is full of inspiring and positive articles based on personal development and wellbeing.  It is well worth having a browse around their website if you haven’t done so. Read More +

Add Value to Your Business Relationships

No matter what it is that you are selling, be it a product or a service, chances are that you have competitors who offer similar products at an equal or maybe even better price than you do. That being said, it is therefore of major importance that you set yourself apart from the others in some recognisable way – and there is no better way to differentiate yourself than through your individual approach to your customer. Become Valued As business owners we need to be Read More +

Blogs Under The Microscope – Part 4

Welcome to the fourth article in the Blogging Under The Microscope series, where we meet the people behind the blogs –  discuss their inspiration and learn about their blogging tactics as well. If you missed  Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3 of this series feel free to head on over and check them out.   Today’s Blog Under the Microscope is  Recycled Fashion – and the face behind the blog is Erica Louise. Erica is an environmentally passionate lady who believes that new style can be recreated from old.  Rather Read More +

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Whether you are looking for an image to support an article you have written, a social media update you have posted or you are building a website and want to include some photos, there are a number of rules regarding copyright and licensing of images that you need to be mindful of. Most people are fully aware of copyright issues when it comes to using someone else’s words as your own.  After all you wouldn’t walk into a library and ask to see all the Read More +

Blogs Under The Microscope – Part 3

Welcome to the third in a series of posts about blogs and those who create them. Today’s blogger under focus may come as a bit of a surprise, but bear with me as I explain the logic in my choice. I’ve decided to chuck the microscope this week and use a mirror instead.  Yep, as weird as it sounds I’m actually profiling myself in this weeks blogger series.  The reason being is this… I honestly think that as a small business owner it is important to Read More +