Blogging Isn’t Just For Some

There is no question that the majority of blogs that are found on the web are based on the topics of marketing and social media.  Using blogging as a tool to communicate with clients and the public in general is certainly a recognised asset within the IT community and this valuable tool has certainly been used to the maximum in these areas of service. However, the value of blogging and its ability to form a relationship with clients should not be lost on other service and product providers.

Recognising the value of information is paramount in producing a successful blog.  Writing articles based on your area of expertise which answer questions, provide problem solving suggestions and empower readers is a sure way to attract customers.  Blogging allows you to place yourself as an expert in your field, and also shows a more personal side to your business.

Say, for example, you run a Pool Cleaning business. You probably have a website so that your business is locatable on the internet, but what about taking the opportunity to share your specialised knowledge with the wider community?  Having a blog attached to your website is the ideal place for you to share tips and hints about pool care, to review products and to discuss topics that are of interest to pool owners. A blog can be used as a place to show ‘before and after’ images that highlight your work and display your skills in a visual manner.  These articles are then able to be used as funnels which bring future clients to your website and ultimately to your business.

One of the biggest fears that business owners have in relation to hosting a blog on their website is the level of commitment it takes to create content.  This however need not be too demanding. Posting a blog post once a week is all that is needed to keep the information fresh. Blog posts need not be lengthy, on the contrary people are more likely to read short interesting posts which contain some relevant images.

As far as content goes … think about what questions you regularly answer in your day-to-day business or what fallacy you often need to clarify with clients – and there is your content.

Blogging is certainly not just for those in the marketing and social media realm, it is a valuable tool that can be utilised by any business person that has knowledge to share and advice to give.

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