Blogs Under The Microscope – Part 5

Welcome to the fifth article in the Blogging Under The Microscope series. I’ve had a lovely time meeting up with the people behind the blogs in this series. It has been interesting to see the broad range of  reasons that people have for blogging, and today’s guest is no different.

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Today’s featured blogger  in Blog Under the Microscope is  Lana Hall,  a registered Psychologist whose practice is based in Brisbane, Australia.  Lana blogs on a regular basis on her website Lana Hall Psychology.  Lana’s passion is showing people how to use their mindset and their actions to bring about positive changes within their life – and her blog articles are just one way that Lana uses to encourage and inspire her readers.


Firstly Lana, how would you describe your blog? 

My blog focuses on transforming your mind to transform your life. This covers a surprisingly wide range of topics because our mindset can be influenced by a variety of things. Transforming your mind might include gaining new knowledge, applying that knowledge and seeing the results it brings, changing your perspective on a routine activity, increasing your awareness of the present moment, or learning specific techniques that directly influence the way you think. Transforming your life is about making your life more meaningful and also fun!

My blog combines information with calls to action because change isn’t just about knowledge and thinking. To change your life, action is also required.  Almost all of my blog posts have a ‘how to’ section so readers can take action on the topics in their own lives.

Why do you blog?

I love to write! Self-expression through writing is a passion of mine that has had several outlets. I have written an ebook entitled “How to Stop Worrying & Start Sleeping” which is available on my website, and  in the past  I have dabbled in short fiction writing as well as writing music reviews.

I hope my blogging serves my readers by educating and inspiring change in them – I want to make a positive difference to people’s lives and I believe mindset training has the power and potential to do that.

Blogging also gives me the added incentive to keep on topic of current psychological trends and research relating to psychology, thus ensuring I write about the best, most relevant ideas and strategies for my readers.

Who is your target audience?

My focus is on readers who are interested in self-improvement because they want to live the happiest, most meaningful life they can, and they’re interested in knowing how to do that, and receiving inspiration and ideas to help them do that. I usually write as though my readers are busy people with competing priorities who want to make small changes for big results.

 How is your blog different to other Personal Development blogs ?

I would have to say that it is the combination of information plus concrete action steps that I provide for my readers.  I think most personal development blogs focus on what to do without saying why it’ll work, and many psychological articles focus on the latest research without necessarily telling you how to put this knowledge into practice, particularly in the specific way that my blog does.

Do you have a schedule that you work to in relation to frequency of posts and if so what is your schedule?

Yes! I love routines because that’s what research has shown to be most effective in terms of consistent improvement and consistent output. So I publish a written post every Monday (I think I allowed myself a Tuesday once!). It doesn’t matter how short it is, or badly written I might feel it is, I stick to the schedule.

Where do you source the images used in your blog?

I’d love to say I take all my own photos but I haven’t prioritised that so most of my pictures come from Pixabay or Pexels.

Can you give one piece of advice to others wanting to start their own blog?

Just start. Start today. Don’t worry about being good enough – your first attempt probably won’t be! And that’s okay. Learning comes from doing and you will get good enough –and beyond – as you keep publishing. To quote Shonda Rhimes….

If you want to be a writer, write.

What other Social Media avenues are you present on?





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