Building Self-Trust

I came across a rather short article during the week which really resonated with me – firstly as a Small Business Owner, but then on a much more personal level.

The article, entitled Building Self-Trust – The Five Dangers of Not Trusting Yourself. , came to me in an email from the lovely people at The Daily Guru.  Their website is full of inspiring and positive articles based on personal development and wellbeing.  It is well worth having a browse around their website if you haven’t done so.

The article that caught my eye today is the type of positive statement that I wish I had on display in my classroom when I was a teacher.  It’s also a statement that I feel needs to be shared with so many people in general.  I know for a fact that I myself need to pay more attention to building my own self-trust and boosting my own confidence.

That being so, I was inspired to Papier Mousify the article (using my favourite design application Canva)  into an infographic and share it with you.

A big thank-you to Jo Painter, from The Daily Guru for allowing me to share this you.

Building Self-Trust Infographic

The 5 Dangers of Not Trusting Yourself

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