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Google Alerts Are Your Ears

Imagine if you could have ears all over the internet to let you know when someone mentions your brand? Imagine having the ability to jump into a conversation where your area of expertise or interest has been mentioned (be it in a positive or negative manner).  Well, setting up a Google Alert is an easy and effective way to keep track of business names, keywords, phrases and topics from all over the web. Read More +

It’s All About Customer Experience

Ahh, the nineties.  Who can forget the Rachael haircut, the demands of owning a Tamagotchi and the must-see viewing off Beverly Hills 90210? Well from a web designer’s perspective, a trip down memory lane to the nineties is nothing but an example of just how far web design has progressed in leaps and bounds – and if you have trouble remembering the website fashion of the nineties, then take a look at to remind you of just how bad the designs of the time were! This site Read More +

The Importance Of Being Social

Working as a freelancer I know how easy it is to get caught up in your own little world, basing relationships on digital conversations and chatting with people purely online.  We feel that we are keeping our finger on the pulse by reading through a plethora of emails and blog posts based on our area of interest, we shoot off a comment here and a thumbs up there, showing that we are paying attention, even if only for few short moments while scanning over coffee. Read More +

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Whether you are looking for an image to support an article you have written, a social media update you have posted or you are building a website and want to include some photos, there are a number of rules regarding copyright and licensing of images that you need to be mindful of. Most people are fully aware of copyright issues when it comes to using someone else’s words as your own.  After all you wouldn’t walk into a library and ask to see all the Read More +

Blogs Under The Microscope – Part 3

Welcome to the third in a series of posts about blogs and those who create them. Today’s blogger under focus may come as a bit of a surprise, but bear with me as I explain the logic in my choice. I’ve decided to chuck the microscope this week and use a mirror instead.  Yep, as weird as it sounds I’m actually profiling myself in this weeks blogger series.  The reason being is this… I honestly think that as a small business owner it is important to Read More +