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Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Businesses with online stores need to be aware of a major change happening on 21 April, 2015 that will effect them greatly.  A change that may see their sales drop, or soar if they are one of the lucky ones. Which side of the fence do you want to be on? Well, as the saying  goes it’s all about “Being Prepared”! Be Prepared Starting April 21 Google will be expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a method of ranking.  In other words, websites that are Read More +

Authorship has left the SEO building.

  John Mueller, of Google Webmaster Tools, announced this morning that Google has stopped showing the names of authors in its search results. Google Authorship first started appearing in search results a number of years ago, soon followed by profile photos and Google+ follower count numbers as well. It was basically Google’s way of allowing authors to identify themselves upfront.  Using markup – coding which is hidden from users view but is embedded within web pages – it was possible for the author’s info to be shown Read More +

Click Digital Expo Summary

Last week I was fortunate to spend two days in Brisbane at the Click! Digital Expo, where I got to learn and connect with some very enthusiastic people. Being a Stay-At-Home business person I relish these opportunities where I can meet up with like minded people and learn more about the industry that I have immersed myself in.  Informative seminars covering topics such as the benefits and pitfalls of Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation and Cloud Computing were delivered by some of the best digital Read More + Read More +

Creating Sub Galleries in WordPress

My client wanted to show her delicious cakes in multiple galleries to improve the navigation within her site. Cocoa Bean Cakes specialises in chocolate cakes for all kinds of occasions and let’s face it, sometimes viewers like to browse through a range of images and other times it’s a matter of getting in and seeing only what we want to see in the least amount of time. To enable viewers to select what suits them best I chose to create a hierarchy of galleries for Read More +

How Does Google Work?

The term “Google it” has become part of our everyday language. Think about it – how many questions have you answered via Google? Whether it is a ‘why’, ‘when’,’who’, ‘what’ or ‘where’, more than likely ‘Googling it’ will point you to the answer. I  came across this excellent infographic that I just had to share with you.  It is from PPC Blog and explains in ‘gory detail’ just how Google works.  As we all know Google is a very complex search engine and it would Read More +