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Haystack Makes it Easy to Find

How many business cards have you accepted over the years only to squeeze them into your already bulky wallet, until there are so many in there you need to transfer them to your desk drawer … never to be seen again. We all tend to do it… it’s actually a hobby for some people, there is even an international organisation for the habit. I know I am guilty of  pouncing on them as if they are the elusive Golden Ticket that will see me score a year’s Read More +

What Are Your Blogging Objectives

A couple of months ago I took part in an online course run by Handmade Tickle titled Blogging For Makers 101.  I had been a keen social blogger for a number of years, however I knew that  if I was to blog for my business I needed to look at blogging from a different angle.  The course helped me gain the clarity and purpose that I needed, but as often happens I realised that my busy life had made me overlook the basics I had learnt. The other day someone asked me Read More +

Relaxing with Shakespeare in The Park

As a graphic and web design I spend more than my fair share of the time in front of a computer.  So yesterday’s enforced surprise  jaunt to the Shakespeare Festival performance of  King Richard III  was a welcome break.  My man mysteriously packed the picnic rug, snacks and a bottle of bubbly and whisked me away to a surprise location for an afternoon of enforced R&R … and I loved it! About an hour after leaving home we were relaxing in the sunshine at Bulimba, a beautiful riverside suburb of Brisbane,  sipping bubbly and Read More +

Authorship has left the SEO building.

  John Mueller, of Google Webmaster Tools, announced this morning that Google has stopped showing the names of authors in its search results. Google Authorship first started appearing in search results a number of years ago, soon followed by profile photos and Google+ follower count numbers as well. It was basically Google’s way of allowing authors to identify themselves upfront.  Using markup – coding which is hidden from users view but is embedded within web pages – it was possible for the author’s info to be shown Read More +

When Creativity Just Won’t Flow

Let’s face it, sometimes it is extremely difficult to feel motivated to create.  Knowing that we should doesn’t make it any easier either.  Wether you create things for profit or for pure pleasure, there are times when the easiest thing to produce is procrastination! I’ve been going through a few weeks of the procrastinating blues. It comes and goes, but even when it appears to have left the scene and I feel motivated to get things done … I realise that the things I am doing Read More +