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Art From My Past

Sometimes I need to remind myself that I am creative and I can make nice things. I find that browsing my digi-layouts from years ago is very inspiring and quite a rewarding exercise. In some ways it feels like a totally different lifetime ago when I was hooked on creating digi-layouts. Here are 3 layouts from my past that I would like to share with you today..

When Life Gets in the Way

” All my life I have wanted to fly. Perhaps my failure to do so has… caused my heart to remain in flight – leaping from one thing to another, never satisfied… never complete.” Leonardo da Vinci – Character on “Star Trek: Voyager: Concerning Flight (#4.11)” (1997) Late January, for reasons that I am still trying to understand fully, I decided to return to classroom teaching. For those who don’t know my complex history that statement wouldn’t raise an eyelid, but for  friends who have travelled with me Read More + Read More +

Life is about creating yourself.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I’ve heard that saying so many times before but it didn’t really hit home until today. Without going into too much detail, I feel that I have crawled out of my cocoon and am ready to spread my wings on yet another journey.  And this time, I’m pleased to say, I didn’t go out into the world to ‘find myself’ as I have done before.  This time I created myself, and I am pretty Read More + Read More +