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Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Whether you are looking for an image to support an article you have written, a social media update you have posted or you are building a website and want to include some photos, there are a number of rules regarding copyright and licensing of images that you need to be mindful of. Most people are fully aware of copyright issues when it comes to using someone else’s words as your own.  After all you wouldn’t walk into a library and ask to see all the Read More +

Textures, Filters and Blending… OH MY!

  Yesterday I treated myself to some play time on Photoshop.  I’ve been keen to practice what I’ve learnt from a number of tutorials over on the  Spoongraphics blog. If you haven’t visited Chris Spoon’s amazing site you really should head on over. As well as tutorials, Chris writes some very inspirational design articles and has a great range of products including vectors, brushes, actions, icons and heaps more.   Anyway – yesterday’s playtime task started life as an image of vintage stained paper. The stains in Read More +

Spring Cleaning Pinterest – before it’s too late…

I awoke this morning to a couple of emails alerting me to the fact that I have a couple of new followers on Pinterest – which is great news. I thought I would be polite and check out the profiles of my new fans and have a look at their Boards as well.  I was pretty chuffed to see that one of my new followers, Dylan CH, has nearly 100 boards, which got me thinking … how on earth does he manage that many boards when I have trouble with Read More + Read More +

When “Sharing” just isn’t enough.

Facebook just keeps on giving me more things to learn … which in all honesty is fine with me because I love learning new things. As many of you know, I have just returned from my first holiday abroad, where I had the pleasure of attending my darling niece’s wedding.  The event was held on a gorgeous beach in Kho Samui, Thailand and was complete with traditional dancers, fireworks, a sunset to die for and an intimate collection of family and friends. Read More +

Gettin’ My Creative On

Sometime’s a girl just has to make stuff! And Saturday was one of those times for me. After spending two days with a heap of inspirational tech-heads at the Click! Digital Expo (which you can read about here), I really needed to get my craftiness on and create something I could physically touch. And geez it was so much fun… Read More +