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Blogging Isn’t Just For Some

There is no question that the majority of blogs that are found on the web are based on the topics of marketing and social media.  Using blogging as a tool to communicate with clients and the public in general is certainly a recognised asset within the IT community and this valuable tool has certainly been used to the maximum in these areas of service. However, the value of blogging and its ability to form a relationship with clients should not be lost on other service Read More +

Blogs Under The Microscope – Part 5

Welcome to the fifth article in the Blogging Under The Microscope series. I’ve had a lovely time meeting up with the people behind the blogs in this series. It has been interesting to see the broad range of  reasons that people have for blogging, and today’s guest is no different.   Today’s featured blogger  in Blog Under the Microscope is  Lana Hall,  a registered Psychologist whose practice is based in Brisbane, Australia.  Lana blogs on a regular basis on her website Lana Hall Psychology.  Lana’s passion is showing people how Read More +

Blogs Under The Microscope – Part 4

Welcome to the fourth article in the Blogging Under The Microscope series, where we meet the people behind the blogs –  discuss their inspiration and learn about their blogging tactics as well. If you missed  Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3 of this series feel free to head on over and check them out.   Today’s Blog Under the Microscope is  Recycled Fashion – and the face behind the blog is Erica Louise. Erica is an environmentally passionate lady who believes that new style can be recreated from old.  Rather Read More +

Blogs Under The Microscope – Part 3

Welcome to the third in a series of posts about blogs and those who create them. Today’s blogger under focus may come as a bit of a surprise, but bear with me as I explain the logic in my choice. I’ve decided to chuck the microscope this week and use a mirror instead.  Yep, as weird as it sounds I’m actually profiling myself in this weeks blogger series.  The reason being is this… I honestly think that as a small business owner it is important to Read More +

Blogs Under The Microscope – Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts I am compiling about blogs and those who create them. Whether it be for business or personal use, blogs are a great method of getting your message out to a wide audience.  We know that Google loves to see fresh content, and regular blogging is a great method of ensuring that this occurs – but blogging  isn’t always about trying to get to the top of the elusive Google ladder,  sometimes bloggers have a more personal reason behind Read More + Read More +