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It’s All About Customer Experience

Ahh, the nineties.  Who can forget the Rachael haircut, the demands of owning a Tamagotchi and the must-see viewing off Beverly Hills 90210? Well from a web designer’s perspective, a trip down memory lane to the nineties is nothing but an example of just how far web design has progressed in leaps and bounds – and if you have trouble remembering the website fashion of the nineties, then take a look at Retrosite.ninja to remind you of just how bad the designs of the time were! This site Read More +

Make Your Website Visitor Ready

Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II has decided to visit you at your humble home this afternoon. What’s that I hear? You’re not ready? The house is a mess? The kids toys are all over the place and the bin hasn’t been emptied since the Pizza Night last Saturday? And no, I really don’t want to know what condition your bathroom is in! What do you mean you don’t live in anticipation (said in my best Dr Frank N Furter voice) of a special visitor Read More + Read More +

Maximising Exposure of Your Photography Website.

With the increasing number of small-business photographers around now days, the need to have a web presence that immediately highlights your skills as a photographer is extremely important. It’s all about getting your name, as well as your business information, out to your prospective clients in the best way possible. The old adage of Keep It Simple is still extremely relevant, particularly in the field of photography where it is your images that should be memorable and engaging, more so than the cool website or Read More + Read More +

Fabulous Free Fonts

As a graphic designer/scrapbooker/cardmaker/blogger/etc I know that I am always on the lookout for fonts to use in my creations – and dare I say it, I can never have enough of them. It never ceases to amaze me the beautiful array of free fonts that are available on the web and I am sure that we all could spend hours (or should I say days) trying to locate the exact font we need for our specific project. This is where Andrea, from The Cottage Read More +

Create in Minutes

Do you need to create a visual graphic quickly ? Well this might be of interest to you.  Anyone who has been following me on Facebook lately knows that I have been whipping up images on the fly and posting them on my friends walls.  Well here is my secret … Though I absolutely love Photoshop and Illustrator I tend to get lost in these applications for hours at a time. It’s like I enter a time warp when I click on the ‘Open’ button.  But Read More +