The Importance of Customer Service

Following on from last week’s blog post in relation to the importance of identifying our customers needs, I want to share another gem of small-business wisdom that I picked up this week.  Some of you may remember the 1989  movie Field of Dreams  which espoused  an often misquoted line, which states “Build it, and he will come”.  Sadly , too many small business owners adopt that mentality in setting up their own business, and are surprised when they open their doors and find that their expected influx of customers is non-existent.

Forming a Relationship

Before opening the doors, or setting up your killer website, it is paramount that business owners take a step back from their business and learn how to sell.  Whether you are providing a product or a service, doing your homework is of paramount importance – the more you can learn about your customers and their needs, the better equipped you will be to not only sell to them, but more importantly,  you will be in the position to form an ongoing relationship with them – and let’s face it, that relationship is what will keep them coming back to you.

Over the past years the rules for marketing have changed considerably.  No longer is it simply a matter of making your business visible to your customers (though of course that is still an important thing to do) but now marketing is also about converting your customers into ‘brand ambassadors’ for your biz.  Creating a relationship where your customers are compelled to return to you for future sales, to recommend you to their friends and to approach you as the go-to person in your field is what successful marketing is all about.

Good Customer Service

What You Sell Isn’t Actually What They Buy

You may think you know what it is you are selling to your customers, but when you think about it your customers are coming to you because of what you can offer them.  That may sound a bit confusing, but think about it … you don’t go to a store to purchase a chair, you go to purchase a piece of furniture to sit on that will suit your style, needs and budget – and it is these requirements that drive us to select which product we choose.

Servicing Your Customers Needs 

By analysing and  understanding our customer’s needs we in turn make it easier to identify just what it is that we are selling,  and  we can then ensure that we are marketing these aspects to our clients.

Looking at your business from a ‘customer needs’ perspective helps build  that much needed emotional bond that we want to create with our client.  It ensures that we are doing more than just marketing a product, it ensures that  we are actually servicing our clients by targeting their needs as well.


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